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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

VANS x Huichol capsule

"Possibly one of the coolest Vault collabs we’ve ever done: the Vans x Huichol Capsule. The Huichol tribe lives primarily in the mountainous Jalisco and Nayarit regions of Mexico, and are known for their immediately identifiable art, which blends yarnwork and intricately beaded objects. Vans partnered with Huichol artists to create a limited capsule of hand-beaded and embroidered Classic Slip-On LX and Sk8-Hi LX. Only 360 pairs were made, and they drop on September 20 at select boutique locations. Wear ‘em or hang ‘em on your wall—totally up to you."

(images via vansgirls)


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Monday, September 15, 2014

drawing room: "eye" believed you

...they make seem like random doodles to you,
but to me.. they are true... 
...they come from my soul,
they speak from my heart,
they live on my mind.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

all you need is tape!

I'm always looking for ways to improve my home and decorate it with things I can make myself and of course, with things that don't cost much. I have a lot of wall art, signs, patterns and mixed prints textiles, flowers, mobiles, tassels, jewelry displayed, dream catchers, recycled wine bottles and glass jars used as decorations and/or storage, etc... You can easily add a lot of things without spending a dollar, I know I have.

Anyway, since I got this place, there's a white wall that has been staring at me, begging to be damaged or painted or something, I just never got to it... Luckily for me, yesterday, while I was spending my daily amount of hours on Pinterest; I saw these wall frames and silhouettes made out of washi tape!... so easy! and looks awesome, doesn't it?

I knew I had some black washi tape around so I finally got to it and did something to my wall.
But first, check out the designs that inspired me to do so.

(all images via Pinterest)

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do on my white canvas... a shape, but what?.. a word, but which?... I played with the idea of tracing a mermaid, the word "bitchin'", one of my favorite quotes "la tristesse durera toujours", a random geometric pattern..... until I realized that such wall is the first thing people look at when they walk into my apartment so I thought I'd make a Welcome sign à la ivette:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

hot air balloon tattoo


the endless trip on a hot air balloon...
let's fly away...
let's fly away together.

I had this tattoo done to honor my best friend.
We've always had this private joke about hot air balloons, ever since we were a couple. Yes, he was my boyfriend once, but that was a very long time ago; I was 17 years then... (geez! more than 10 years ago!). Anyway, we broke up but remained close, super close...we became best friends.
Hot air balloons were our thing then, and now, I made them our thing forever.
Forever ours.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"be light"

Mara Hoffman's one of my favorite designers.
It's weird because I wouldn't usually find myself wearing her clothes since they are not my style that much... BUT I do recognize her work, I love her vision, her prints, her aesthetic; the electric and eclectic vibe she puts into her clothes; the shapes, the cuts, the details... it's all there and it's all unique.

Have you seen this girl's inspirational board on Pinterest?... it's crazy! a seriously groovy way.

Her Spring 2015 show opened up with an all white look and then evolved into a more colorful palette with different hues and prints. I got the feeling that she wanted to start from a white canvas and move us up from there; adding one color at a time, one print at a time, one authentic look at a time. 

Check out the embroidery on the white shirt.... 
cannabis leaves... awesome!

Terracotta, rainbows, checkerboard...

The sunrise.

Faded rainbow stripes.

As I flipped through the images, analyzing closely each look at a time, I realized she lowered the volume a little bit, these prints aren't as loud and bright and crazy as the ones we've seen on past collections, but that doesn't mean they are any less Mara. 
I felt like she evolved, like she wanted to target a new audience or at least a group of women a couple of years older than the ones she aimed for before.
Later on I found out she actually wanted to do something like that... I read this on her interview for "I wanted to shift the equation and create something that reflected more of my own personal aesthetic. I want my girl to grow and hope she comes along with me on the trip." 

(images via

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

seashell tattoo know how they say that, if you hold a seashell next to your ear, you will hear the ocean?

...well, now that I had a seashell tattooed to the back of my ear, I just know... that I'll be able to hear the ocean all the time.
I carry the waves with me.

I got 2 small tattoos last Sunday. This is one.
I'll show you the other one soon.

Monday, September 8, 2014

ask me

❝ Ask me if I’ve called my mother.
Ask me if I miss you.
Ask me if I haven’t showered in five days.
Ask me if I’m still wearing your dirty clothes.
Ask me whether I’ve brushed my hair.
Ask me if the kitchen cabinets have been touched in weeks.
Ask me about the dust.
Ask me about the phone calls.
Ask me about the 5AM drunk and the way I’ve been standing in the dark, letting the shadows hug my hips because your hands are gone.
Ask me to come back.
Ask me why the long silences make it feel like there’s a river in my stomach.
Ask me if it will swallow me whole.
Ask me if I want your mouth back.
Ask me if I want my tongue back.
Ask me if I miss you.
Ask me if I’ve ate.
Ask me if God exists inside of me anymore.
Ask me where the music is.
Ask me where the symphony is.
Tell me where you are.
And then ask me if I miss you. ❞
—— Azra.T “Lipstick Poem”

Azra Tabassum is a 20 year old English Student and hopeless romantic who lives on the South Coast of England and spends her days crying over fictional men and cats that she does not own. Her lifelong dream is to fall in love with a man with a beard and retire to a small cottage in Scotland to raise an army of felines, open a small bookshop and of course, spend her days writing books and eating chocolate.

Check out her tumblr for more amazing poetry HERE!
I'm obsessed! ♥

Sunday, September 7, 2014

"some people feel the rain.... others just get wet"

The weather is changing here.
Rainy season starts this month in Playa del Carmen; which isn't a total bummer, I actually find it refreshing after all those sunny months. The body can only handle a certain amount of sun and heat, don't you think?

It's funny what people expect when I tell them I live here, in the Caribbean. They think I'm on vacations all the time, they think I spend every day under the sun, being lazy at the beach with a margarita on one hand... and though I tend to do so often, it is not very likely I'll do it everyday. I get tired of all the sun...and I take care of my skin so of course I try not to tan for more than 2 hours. And besides, I work!!! I gotta pay for a living you know?...

These last couple of days have been cloudy and gray... I love them. I've been enjoying long walks on the beach, feeling the soft raindrops on my skin and using my floppy hat as umbrella.
The smell of wet sand (or earth) after it rains.
The sound of the rain at night, when I'm in my bed with the balcony doors open.

The weather is changing.
I must go with it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

i feel too much, too often...

"...don’t mistake my silence for indifference. It’s just I have to hold myself back because I feel too much. Too often. Too wildly out of my control."
-Tina TranMy words don’t say much at all 


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